Review Time - Bouquet by Subhrajyoti Parida

Of Emotions, Feelings & Thoughts

God’s best gift, greater than god himself,
She is none other than you, mummy,
For you bathed us with unconditional love,
All through your life till you breathed last.

     With a tart like this, the reader’s heart does melt and easily gets attached to the verses of the poem. Each single word of the line is pinched with motherly love, which is expressed whole heartedly. The pen slowly pours out the words on nature, love, life and so on, each in a flattering way. The knots over the verses are easily removed with the touch of your heart.

     Different sections of the poem play different tunes of the life. Emotions crawl through the flowing words of simplicity and can easily be felt by the readers.

Held you close, fed you nine months,
Kept you tied to my body,
So connected I was loved you more than anybody.

Fought and cried together,
Cared and fought for each other.
Time flew as we grew together,
Making me a man and she a woman.

     Flipping the pages towards the end, the fragrance of life and the pain and struggle is felt. Subhrajyoti Parida, author of the book, has achieved in the world of literature simply on presenting a valuable writing which is indeed dedicated to his mother. His simplest form of expressing things makes easy for the readers to stay in the lines. With melancholy tone sprinkled through the words, the bouquet is made extra special.

Bouquet – Wrapped safely with the aroma of emotions, feelings and thoughts.  


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