Love me like you do - 2

     She pleaded for her love in his feet. "Listen carefully...” The doctor paused and said, "There is a hole in his heart which is left unnoticed for a long time. An immediate operation must be done before it gets complicated. To be frank, he is in a do or die condition" he said in a breathe. She fell to the ground as she heard it. Operation?? Else he will die?? She felt that the ground below her shattered. "Doctor, I want him to live. He is my everything. Please do save him. I want him back; I want my life back. I need him...” She cried to the doctor. The doctor nodded and rushed.
        She started to sob continuously. The nurse asked her to fill a form for further process. She filled them and stopped at a question. Relation to the patient? Her eyes got wet and blurred the word 'wife' as she marked it. She dropped the pen as she couldn't hold it longer and handed the form to nurse. The ward boys moved him to operation theatre. She rushed to him and tried to wake him up by calling out his name. But she was stopped and asked to wait outside. The door was closed and the red light blinked on. She leaned on the wall and started to pray. By the next ten minutes the family members arrived. She ran into her mom's arms and cried aloud. They asked about his condition but she couldn't utter a word. She then said everything with continuous sobs. The grief filled up in all their heart. 

         There could be nothing more painful than seeing your loved one in pain. She sat in a corner and closed her eyes. When she closed he was before her but when she opened she was alone. The pain of loneliness was unbearable. She badly needed him beside her. She wanted to cherish each second of their togetherness. She never thought this would give much pain. She has heard so many about heart surgery but only when it's experienced, the pain is known. She felt like being in hell. Thinking continuously about him only made her to cry more.

      She came to the reality as the doctor came out. She rushed to doctor and asked about his condition. The doctor gave a smile and said, "Yes dear! Now he is all yours. Give him some time to reset the memories of your love. He will open his eyes soon" he played her shoulder and moved. They all tried to see him but the nurse stopped. She pleaded the nurse to allow at least her to see him once. The nurse was deeply moved and allowed but asked her not to disturb him. She thanked her and entered the room.  
      In bed, she saw him lying in pain with so many tubes inserted and wires connected to rate his heartbeat. She slowly neared him, leaned and placed her head in his chest. The sound of the heartbeat poured into her ears and filled her heart. Her blood rushed through the veins as she heard. She left a drop of tear above his heart and went near his ear to utter the words that would reach his heart. "My love! This feel makes me alive. I have seen you at least 1000 times; in my dreams... Within my heart... We shall marry. You will not only be my better half but half of my soul and without this half is just a night without moon, with my life in complete darkness. Like today I shall be crazy about you forever. And for all this you need to open your eyes. I need you... I really need you... I love you!!" She said, planted a kiss in his forehead and made slow step towards the door. "Love you too my love!" She stood dumbstruck at once. She turned and saw him. He was staring at her with his eyes wet and his lips smiling...

                                                                     THE END


  1. Superb yaar really a excellent one keep going

  2. You are simply marvellous in the expression of the feelings narrated with all the minute details. Fantastic. Keep it allow readers to be one with the characters.


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