It'z Feb 14..

       It was only in the fifth ring of the fourth call he attended the phone.
      "Hey sweetheart! I was in a meet-" Shana interrupted him.
     "Do you remember what day is this?" she asked in a childish anger tone.

     "Of course baby. Its Valentine's day and how i will forget our first Valentine's day after our wedding".

     Sunil tried to convince her but Shana still in her anger said, " so how long you want me to wait for you?? It's already 9p.m."

      "C'mon sweetie. Just wait a while. Am on the way. I shall make this day memorable for you" he said in a low tone for which Shana blushed.

     "Hmm... Am waiting and don't forget to bring a gift" she said and ended the call.
      They stepped into the sixth month of their marriage life. They were really happy being with each other. Thinking about him, Shana took a long and warm bath. She wore a black saree and had black eye shadow and red lip gloss. She decorated the bed with red rose petals and lit the candles around the room. She spread the red balloons all over the floor and leaned on the door waiting for Sunil.

     Shana heard the door open and he took the stairs. Sunil almost dropped the cover from his hand when he saw Shana. She was mesmerising. He came to her and closed the door behind. The candle light, rose petals with the love theme of Aashiqui added much finance to the floor. She was glowing. He slowly took her hand and pulled her to him. She loosened his hold and went near the window. The window was let open and allowed the moon light heaped the room. On a sudden Sunil went to his knees and gave the gift. It was wrapped by silver paper. Shana slowly removed it and found that was a jewel box. She was stunned as she opened. It was a necklace studded with diamonds which shimmered and glittered in the moon light. He took the necklace from her hand and put round her neck. She was adorable. He blown a deep kiss for her lips.

     "Will you take me for a long ride?" Shana asked in a innocent tone for which sunil melted.
    "Sure sweetie" Sunil lifted her up and went down the stairs. He wet her by showering his love. Their eyes locked and he unlocked the car door for her. The car started with the love beats pouring into their heart. They were tilted by the love and the situation around them. The moonlight paved the way and it started to drizzle. The road was long and lonely except them and their love. The love melody bounced the beat and she said,
      "Sunil stop the car. I wanna dance with you"
      "My love" he felt cherished. He opened the door and took her hand. The music now filled in the air and they made romantic slow moves in the moon light and the beam light. He felt her touch and each second it was a tingling flow inside him. They saw each other deeply. Sunil went closer to her back and moved her hair from back. She felt his breath too closer and became warm. She was seduced by his kiss and love bite in her neck. Then he asked, "Where is my gift Honey?" In a husky tone near her ears.
     She turned facing him and put her arms around his neck. He grabbed her hip tight next to him. She slowly leaned upon him and uttered those THREE MAGICAL WORDS in his ears...

                   I AM PREGNANT...

                            HAPPY FEB 14



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