My new year surprise

Waiting for your lovable one is the sweetest feel to be experienced. The city was filled with colors and  delighted about the new year that laid ahead in an hour. I stood alone in the pathway, waiting for my bestie, my deepest crush. That was the same day,an year ago, when i met him for the first time. That was an accidental meet but from then, whenever he was near, it turned into an mesmerizing moment. It was love at first sight but he treated me only as a good friend. I wondered whether he ever noticed how i stare at him; how my hands shiver or even how my lips trembled when he was around me. But I did not want to moist his pure friendship for which i hide my emotions from him. I had made so many attempts to reveal my love. I would sit and practice the love lines to express my bouncing heart, but when his eyes locked mine, everything turned to logical sequence in my mind and finally BLANK. It was no different this day too. I saw him coming from a distance and it went chill through my spines. His hair styled by the gel, his black suit, his genuine look, his casual walk and those attractive lips which never miss to bear an smile at its corner. Oh!! Then and there i started to get melt. I was almost gaping when he came near me and said, "Hey bunny!" Yeah that's how he calls me! "You look ravishing!" he said and i know why he made that compliment. "Trying to cover me up with your icy words? You are almost one hour late and i am gonna kill you",I said coldly, actually tried. "Oh bunny. I got struck in a meeting with a client. Now c'mon! This anger will never suit your little face" he said sweetly and asked me to close my eyes. "What?" I was puzzled. "Oh bunny! I have got an surprise for this new year to you. So please" he said and tied up my eyes with a satin cloth. 

      "Now come with me" he said and got hold my hand. By his touch, I lost myself. He gently directed me. We stood at a point and I heard the door opening sound of the car. He helped me to get inside and from the fragrance i recognised it was his car. "Do not open your eyes till I say to do so!" He said in soft tone. "Umm-hmm", I said enthusiastically. The car started to move and he said certain rights and lefts to the driver. I less bothered about them because his fingers were still crossed with mine. I wished to hold him forever. Hmm! My luck!! It never accompanied me. The car stopped as he said so. He opened my door and i stepped out. The car tyres screeched behind me and became silent. "Shall i open my eyes now??" l was too curious to know where I was. "Just a few minutes bunny" he paused. 
     The breeze was too cool but enjoyable. "Now come. Be careful" he said. But the ground was rough and on a sudden my heel slipped in very first step. He got hold of me by grasping my hip. I felt to the warmness of his breath near my ears. "It might be difficult for you to walk. Better be in my hands for the rest bunny" he said and lifted me up. "But you are not that light. To be frank little bit heavy bunny" he giggled. But I felt something unusual that day. I wanted to whisper my love to his heart, but no. I clearly heard the crisping sound of the dry leaves as he stepped over them. He made slow and careful steps. He stopped at a point and dropped me down. He said me to wait for second. The wind was cold again and he covered me up with his coat. I felt romantic and heard him jump or cross over something. 
     "Now..." He made a pause and suddenly got hold of my waist. He lifted me and landed me to the ground. "Hey where am I?" I was wondering. "Shh. Silence. New year is on its way. Now just stand still" he replied in a soft tone. Minutes passed. Except the sound of little insects, it was damn silent. At a point, the shaking turned vigorous. "I couldn't hold!" I almost yelled. "We are done" he said and turned me to the right and removed the cloth. I opened my eyes and saw only darkness. I rubbed to get clear vision. "Oh my!!!" It almost took my breath away. I was in a boat and water surrounded me. Before i could turn, "Happy new year my dear naughty Friend" he said and showed me the sky. The crackers filled up the sky. I captured the sparkling light and its reflection was in my eyes. I was really surprised and felt so special. I wished to say him how i felt and badly want to hug him. I turned to him with the same excitement and there!!!!!!! 
     The boat was glittering with the candle lights. It look numerous as the water reflected them. An melodious song played in the background. In the middle, it was an heart shaped cake, my favorite ice cake with moulded chocolate chip cookies sprinkled with the words 'My Love' over it. The wind slowly ruffled through my face and a tear drop rolled down my cheek. I was tempted. I turned and saw him coming closer and suddenly he went down his kneels. He took a box from his pocket and opened. It was a ring!!!! 
"Will you marry me??!!" he asked. 


  1. I juz fallen n luv wth ur wrds..really amazing..keep doing..

  2. Sema Romance.................

  3. Wonderful imagination!! A dream of every girl!! Lovely..

  4. Omg,,,,what a romantic imagination and its wonderfully put into words..Its a long way ahead my friend..go on..

  5. Really cool stuff re!! Great go, awaiting for yur next step. Simply romantic and sweet, which makes to feel the love in your words. Once again awesome buddy.


  6. No words too express this i am really don't have any words heart is beating so fast y i don't now pls need have many stories like this....

  7. Hmm.. I'm captivated with the descriptive elements in your beautiful narration always. Cheers up.


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