Love me like you do..

     The grass that hold the water drops glimmered as the sun rays passed ahead. The twittering sound of the birds poured in the ears and the butterflies of various colors rambled among the grass. The clock shown 7A.M. It was a park and to justify the place there were few lovers who went hand in hand and some traipsed along the bushes. She smiled at them knowingly. "What makes you to smile?" He asked in a low voice. She gave the same smile to him. He gazed longingly into her eyes. "Hey stop looking me that way. It freaks me out." She blushed. "Ooh my... You are killing me" he said and planted a soft kiss in her hand. He leaned back and said, "Well anyways i must thank your friend. If she was in home, then i might have missed this scene" he winked. "Just let the fortnight pass sweetheart. Then am all yours" she said and messed up his hair in childish way.
      Yeah!! It was their wedding in about two weeks and they were there to invite their friends. The absence of her friend in her house made them to wait in that park. Wedding. It's an dream of everyone and they were no different. They flied in such a titillated state and each second of dreaming about their future tinkled them. They made so many plans about their wedding and the life that laid ahead. The love between them was so fresh as the marriage was fixed within a year of their love proposal. She framed a life in which he would pour his love and care, surprises and gifts, kiss and touch. She lived with the thoughts and he was connecting the same thoughts of her within him. He was stunned by her beauty and melted for her love words and got awestruck by her touch. It was an intimate feel which passed between them.

      She slowly rolled her fingers upon the printed letters in the wedding card. Their eyes met. Their unspoken words urged their lips to open but ended up in a passionate deep kiss. He slowly moved her hair from her face and cupped into his fingers. "Your love awakens my soul. It completed me. Look, there will be tough time. But i know, the rest of my life, in my heart, you are the only one for me. To me, you are perfect. Love you my love" he said and caught her eyes wet. "I love to be loved by you" she said.
      Suddenly he felt choked up in his throat. He couldn't utter a word and found difficult to breathe. He felt heavy in his head and the work around him started to spin. There was an raising pain in his chest which was unbearable. His vision slowly got blurred and totally blackened. She was unable to determine what was happening to him and before she could figure it out, he hit the ground. She got totally nervous and her body trembled. She tried to wake him up by telling his name. She splashed water in his face but he made no response. She started to cry as she couldn't know what to do. She was alone there without knowing where to go or what should be done. Meanwhile people gathered around and called for ambulance. The wedding cards for scattered in the ground and she saw them get stabbed as the door of the ambulance closed. She held his hand tight. She was frightened now. She wished that all this would be a dream and wanted to wake from that soon. She prayed to God that she would take all his pain. She never wanted to leave him and she cried continually.

      As soon as they reached the hospital, stretcher was brought and nurses and doctors came rushing towards them. They took him inside the ICU and closed the door. She informed her sister about the condition. She was so frightened that she started to mumble his name. She was going mad and walked restlessly. So many thoughts flashed in her mind. She recalled his words and started to cry again. The doctor opened the door and came to her. He saw her in such a condition which didn't allow him to utter a word. She wished him to say everything was normal. She could feel the tense in his face which made her more nervous. She would die if something goes wrong. She pleaded him to save his life. She begged for her love in his feet. "Listen carefully..." The doctor paused.
                                                                                        -To be continued...
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