A window with the bloodshed..👣

     The howling wind disturbed my sleep. Its not easy to open eyes when deep night is around you. But still i opened and saw the clock strike 1.30 am. I tried to get back into sleep again, but suddenly the cold fell upon me. I tried to cover myself inside the bed sheet, but it was too cool. I turned and found the window of my room wide open.  It really irritates to step down from the bed in the middle of sleep. But the coolness was unbearable and I got down to close it. I rubbed my eyes and walked to the window. As I was about to touch it, the glass suddenly dashed and made a huge noise which shook me off totally. It was difficult to lock the window as the glass was broken out. I  managed to close but the glass piece cut my hand and I started bleeding. With an great annoyance, I locked the window. Suddenly I sensed an intolerable smell of some rotten eggs. 'Uff. Now from where this comes?'. I searched around me but there was no sign of existence for that smell. 'May be because of my blood'. I convinced myself. Thinking of getting a bandaid from living room, i walked towards the door.
      I opened the door and came to the passage. It was really dark and I moved my hand slowly over wall in search of switch. I turned on the switch but, oops! There was no power. I carefully made my step towards the stairs. Tick tock of the huge wall clock and the clip clap of my slippers were the only sound that filled and echoed. Suddenly i heard a sobbing sound from the stairs. 'What's that'. The sobbing was continuous. I went near the stairs and found someone sitting their in the dark. I couldn't figure out as only the backside was visible to me.
     "Mom, is that you?" I called but no response. 'If it's my mom, then why she is crying?' 
     I stepped down and went near. I was again hit by the pungent smell. Something is going wrong. My heart beat raised notably. I slowly reached my hand to its shoulder.                
     I felt cold on sudden. I took of my hand and the sobbing was stopped. 'Run' my mind said, but my heart wanted to stay and know what's happening. It slowly turned towards me. 
     "No no no no no.." i stepped backward. 
     The face was tearing apart and it raised its hand to me. I wanted to shout but my throat got choked. I even couldn't run because of my fear. I managed to reach the door of my room as fast as I could. I then turned slowly,  but saw the image getting closer. I slapped the door hard behind me and leaned over it. I started to sweat. Not even in an horrible nightmare i want this to happen. I torn the screen cloth and tied up on my hand to stop the rushing blood. My heart beat raced like a horse. I slowly went down to my knees and peeped through the key hole. But i could see nothing. 

     Dhat Dhat Dhat....
     The door banged forcefully and i almost fell shattered in the ground. 
      The clock struck showing 2, and the sound went chill through my spine. 
     "It's time.." 
     A voice whispered near my ears. I closed my eyes tightly. I felt the pungent smell near me and it was hard to breathe. 
     "Open your eyes" the voice said coldly and i started to shake. I felt some water droplets splashed over me. 
     "You either open your eyes or you are not attending your evening classes" the voice was now clear and at its peak. 
     "What the...??". I opened my eyes and saw my mother standing with a glass of water. The clock strikes 4 pm. 'Oh my goodness!! A worst nightmare. No. Day mare actually. Whatever, i felt relieved. But the pungent smell stayed still. 'From where does it come??'
      "I tried a new dish today. Taste it and gimme a compliment ", said my mom and showed a plate near my bed.
      I smiled at her and went near the window with the plate. I noticed something that glared near the glass and  i leaned down to have a look. It was thick red in color. I was about to touch it but suddenly the heat of the dish moved to my hand and i felt burning pain in my fingers. I dropped the plate on the floor and saw the deep cut in my fingers. I stared at the window that bear the blood drops shed by me.... 


  1. U have posted a horror in the night the stry is simply superb but I don't know whether I would have a good sleep

  2. Good story and travel. .u gav a realistic touch..keep rocking.

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  4. A very novel idea... great narration..


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