Review Time - It's all about Mahi by Ankit Pathak

It’s all about Mahi
A tale of a fan
          - Ankit Pathak

Knowing about a star will always galvanize you. But the read of a world-famous person and personality, who lives in millions of hearts will leave you in astonishment. We all are quite aware of the life history of the great MS Dhoni. But knowing it through the words of a fan will give you a special feel.

Gaurav is the protagonist of this tale. The love he has towards his star Dhoni is at peak, which we can encounter now and then. He takes up fights with whomever says bad about MSD. But the fate takes its play by bringing Barkha in his life, who hates cricket.

Does their love will be a barrier for Gaurav to love cricket? Will Barkha understand Gaurav’s love for cricket? To know the answers, get the pocket tale, ‘It’s all about Mahi’.

The author, Ankit Pathak, has penned the tale in such a way that reading through the pages will give you goose bumps. It’s only the crisp on the progression of MS Dhoni’s success in cricket, but still it will inspire every one of us. Life of Gaurav, his point of view as Dhoni’s fan, love of Gaurav, everything is connected so elegantly.

It’s all about Mahi – A book for everyone. 


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