Review Time - 37+ Grace Marks by Vishal Anand

37+ Grace Marks
                                            - Vishal Anand

Life is built from failures but just those failures cannot make up one’s life. The fruit of success can be tasted only through the seed of failure. Such is the life of Viraj Aron, the protagonist of the novel ‘37+ Grace Marks’.

Viraj Aron, is a typical engineer student, whose life, as he thinks, is filled with troubles. The story revolves around the small circle of Viraj, which includes his few good friends and his only love, Nimisha. As the tale opens, the tragic level is seemed at its peak with Viraj planning to end his life. We are sharply affected but the serious note, when we come to know about the pain of Viraj, as his heart spills out the flashback.

The tale is rolled back to the first year of Viraj’s college life, from where we encounter so many incidents, a few little people but one and only love, Nimisha. Just like any other illustrative teenager, Viraj falls for Nimisha at the very next moment when his glance captures those blue eyes of secrets.

Like a lotus which blooms for an untouchable sun, Viraj, still knowing it is not possible to make Nimisha his love, tries to get hold of the flame ball in his hands. The failure he meets, breaks him down but he is fortunate enough to overcome it.

Viraj tries to keep himself engaged in different activities to make his mind free from the thoughts of Nimisha. But only when he tries to pull her out of his mind. It seems she has clutched tight deep into his soul. Each night, it is harder for him to take ip the truth. soon, he partly gets out of Nimisha’s thoughts, partly acting, indeed. But then, in the end, something terrible happens and has it been really that bad??

To untie the knot, swim through the pages of the novel, 37+ Grace Marks by Vishal Anand.

The author, Vishal Anand, easily gets the attention of the writers through his simple yet grasping narration. The crisp of college life, which is lived by an engineer student, emerges now and then, reminiscing one’s own life. Though the story holds the grip pf tragedy from the start, it is loosened at the end.

37+ Grace Marks – Grace enough to get through the life. 


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