Review Time - A Walk in the Rain by Udai Yadla

A Walk in the Rain
A journey of love and redemption

“Separation is the most painful test to measure the sustainability of love”
-      By Udai Yadla  

     The story opens with the hero of the tale, Surya (Sunny) who is awaken by the rain drops, where the author lets us to wake up our hearts to the rhythmic arrangement of words. The character of Sunny is analyzed and related with his past life. We are further introduced to characters such as Sandy, Imran, Saloni, Pooja, Victor, Hari and some more forming the ground of the tale.        

     The present days and the past years of each character is narrated in such a way that life is brought to them by the words.

Sunny and Sandy:
     Sunny, is the protagonist of the novel, who has had his only friend, love and life, who is Sandy. They meet each other in their early school days and from then and there they seem belong to each other, and they do. The pure friendship, the unconditional love, the sacrifice they make for each other, the struggles the hide from each other, altogether fill up the pages with a picturesque scenario. The story of Sunny and Sandy is exposed as harmonious past as Sandy is not with Sunny and Sunny cannot get over her memories at any cost.

Pooja and Saloni:
     Saloni and Pooja are one such of good friends under a worst circumstance. Being prostitutes, they themselves have such a dreadful past life which has pushed them into an atrocious position. Still, they don’t lose their hope and courage being hurt deep in their heart. Saloni, who is new to this, gets a moral support from Pooja.

“…… When you are out in the jungle, be the beast, not the prey”

Pooja and Sam:
     Pooja is considered to be the most sought-after prostitute by her mates. She does flirting games but unlike others who pull the legs of men just to earn extra money, Pooja does that to feel independent. In such a game, she accidentally gets to know about Sam and incidentally is disturbed by his loyalty, is being hidden by her identity yet stays unchanged knowing her true self.

Sunny’s birthday gift:
     Imran, being a good friend of Sunny, plans to give a pleasant gift on his birthday. Without aware of the surprise, Sunny is driven into the prostitute house by Imran where he meets Saloni. Knowingly or unknowingly, Imran has given the right gift. Imran want Sunny to come out of his emotional hibernation, for which he has made such an arrangement. But there comes a tragic twist with the death of Imran, in which the life of each person in the tale takes an upright turn from their living.
     Saloni, who has witnessed the murder, is compelled by Sunny to help him in tracking the killer. Saloni initially agrees just for the sake of money which Sunny promises to pay. Saloni also does hold a pinch of happiness to help Sunny as he kills the one whom she hates the most. From the first meet, Sunny shows only hatred towards Saloni which is basically due to her profession. But somewhere he finds her intelligent and skillful than him. Slowly he finds that her self-respect and pride totally unfits her profession. For Sunny, Saloni is unpredictable until the end but Saloni who stumble on unsaid truth with Sunny, helps and protects him in each of his step, like she did till then.

     Did Sunny find the reason behind his mystical attraction towards Saloni? Did Sunny succeed in his settling of scores? What happens to the love of Pooja with Sam after the truth being revealed to him? Does ‘A walk in the Rain’ really happen? To know the answers, do grab a copy of the book, A WALK IN THE RAIN by UDAI YADLA.

     The author has come out with wonderful piece of tale which I submerged with love, friendship, revenge, crime on the whole. The fiction blissfully starts and ends with the rain. The way of writing, especially while describing the beauty of Mother Nature, the author has succeeded in making the reader fall for its beauty himself. A well penned tale.


Keep writing, Udai Yadla.   


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