Review Time - Everything's Gonna be Alright by Dhruv Anand

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
                                                                                                 -Dhruv Anand

“You made a wrong decision and then tried to rectify it by making few right decisions. But in the end, even those right decisions could not make that one wrong turn right.”

The very start of the novel opens with the neglect of the desire of a school boy, who wants and dreams to become a Chef. The story starts to roll from there, where the boy Akhil Anand, the protagonist, is got dumb into a University to pursue Engineering studies, to fulfill his dad’s wish. He buries his dreams of becoming a Chef and starts the classes in the college for the sake of degree.  

The life of Akhil spins to different orientations as he meets each person and every situation in the days he spent there. Like all, his barren heart and soul is sow with the seeds of love. A different zone of love story which is packed with all sort of emotions, where Akhil is under a pressure to take care the health Vrishika is shown.  The friendship of Akhil with Akira adds flavor to the story.

Meanwhile, the hatred of Akhil towards his studies seems to increase with each of his semester results and a pinch of anger towards his dad also builds up. But a crucially worst situation brings a twist in his life. A change occurs within himself and from then, the view towards his way of living changes.

What was that crucial situation? Did he complete his studies successfully? Will Akhil believe the words of his dad? To loosen the knots of these questions, do grab a copy of “EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT” by the young author DHRUV ANAND.

The author has portrayed the novel so loyally, which expresses the simple life of a man with ups and downs. This story is more than a love and romance fiction. It deals with the emotions of an individual who wants to chase his dream, a deep and unsaid connotation between father and son; the failures you will have to face in life but those are the one which molds you towards the success. The daily life of a college student is expressed in simple yet beautiful words, with happiness and pain consequently filling up the pages.    

EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT – If you believe it to happen!!


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