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The story opens at a pub, where Arjun, the protagonist of the novel pours out his feelings to his friend, Krish and says about his past life, the reason for his sadness. He says, “Every time I try kissing happiness, it came very close to me and them pushed me away”.

Shraddha – first love.

Shraddha, a fresher to the college, who steps fresh into Arjun’s life too. It starts with a ‘HI’ and slowly they get closer to each other by regular chats and meets. She also knows about Arjun’s school life, his ‘Lollipop friend’ Anjali and his first crush Aditi. He says, “Anjali, her presence was a respite in my otherwise gruesome life” and loses contact with her later and Aditi, by whom he experiences butterflies in stomach. 

With the reveal of the past, Arjun and Shraddha get bonded together and become inseparable. Shraddha gets the spark of love inside her. But then Arjun advices Shraddha to accept the proposal of the guy who proposed Shraddha itself takes her away from Arjun completely. Only when she is away from Arjun realizes that he has a deep feeling for her and his ego keeps him away from the truth.With her lose, Arjun loses interest in worldly pleasures and in his exams too. Porn and video games becomes his companion. 

Now comes Anjali into his life, as best friend always comes in the worst times. She consoles him after knowing his past and from then calls him regularly to check out and cares as always she does. He overcomes from his loneliness and with her advice he works hard and tastes the fruit of success and gradually forgets his past. 

Neha – Second love. 

Soon, with his fate, Arjun fall in love for the second time with Neha, who helps for the success of the department function. It begins with academic talks and soon drifts to silly daily incidents. Arjun opens his heart to her, whom he feels was soothing his stabbed heart. 

‘A heart broken by a girl can be repaired only by another girl’

Having faith that she will accept his love after testing the waters, Arjun proposes Neha with a ring. But his heart gets broken into million pieces as she rejects and says the she only wanted him as a good friend. Arjun gets addicted to alcohol and finds relieved in writing poems and talking with Anjali. 

‘It’s in tough moments of life that you realize who really matters’

But Arjun decides to end his life when he comes to know that his best friend was courting the girl he dearly loved. With Anjali again, he moves to next step in life. He joins a big company an also gets an offer to be a lyricist. His life fell into routine until Saakshi, the third girl comes.

Saakshi – Third love. 

At the first sight of Saakshi, ‘like a hopeless idiot’ he fell into love again. Arjun helps her around the city as said by Amit, and feels the magic of love. Knowing better about Saakshi and her life style, Arjun decides to lock his love within himself and to enjoy the life till she stays. A problem arises when he kisses her but soon it fades from where the spark between them also fades. 

With the regret of Arjun, to take her to his room, Saakshi starts to take up arguments for silly things. Finally he is fooled when Saakshi makes out with another guy. Also he gets completely shattered when his parents die in blast. Anjali asks him to settle in Bangalore.In Bangalore, Arjun joins a new company and a new life begins. 

With this Arjun completes his story to Krish and from the very next day his life gets changed completely. Introduced into Krish’s band ‘Kaagaz’ he becomes a lyricist in there. Also Krish grooms him up and changes his physique. 

‘A muscular body is to a guy what a good figure is to a girl’ 

Anjali is so surprised and feels happy for him. Krish teaches Arjun about women and their theories. Arjun realizes that ‘being a nice guy in this world is the surest way of going into the deadly friend zone’.

Arjun applies his theory first on Ruchika, from band team and his company, to whom he loses his virginity. They become ‘Friends with Benefits’ with applied rules. With the success of ‘Kaagaz’ and best lyricist, he gets connected to Esha. Attracted by her killer attitude, soon Arjun shares some intimate moments with her. He also starts using drugs. Then comes Aditi, his first crush. Firstly, Arjun is jealous because of her lover Sid, his enemy. But soon he oozes her with the motivation words of Krish.

‘On New Year’s Eve – under the moonlit sky, as millions of stars watched us, Aditi and I made love’

Meanwhile he meets Rahul, friend of Anjali, who helped her in need when Arjun fails. Arjun notes that Rahul has love on Anjali. 

Arjun feels like a playboy. When Ruchika gets married, he then nails Smita and Preeti. But soon he loses interest in life. A void grows in his heart and he wants someone to know the void in his heart, at least. He also miss his parents terribly and feel the worst. He couldn’t help coming out of his void.

Will Arjun be able to lead his life as usual? Will he find his true love? Will he find ‘the one’ who is meant for him? Did Arjun get his unconditional love? To know all this, read ‘Finding Juliet’.

The way the author narrated the story makes us to read in a go. Its wondering how the author confess everything about women saying he is confused on women. The reader could easily immerse inside the story by the magical phrases and the catchy lines used by the author. The choice of words the author chose were gilding like a jewel in the crown. The philosphy of life and theories on woman pops out every here and there. Anyone who loves to read an unputdownable read, then ‘Finding Juliet’ is a worth for it. 

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All the best Toffee. Keep writing!! 


  1. Is paperback version is available?

  2. Wow. Cool one. Let me know when the paperback version is out!!

  3. Wow. Cool one. Let me know when the paperback version is out!!

  4. Sounds good! Will read it :)

  5. The quotes given here are quite impressive. Good work Toffee...

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  7. Sounds good! Will read it :)

  8. Coool story....continue your good work..but a playboy never deserves a juliet in his life...


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