And Then They Met!

The cold wind hustled and whistled all around the place. The clear milky mist crammed over the tip of the hill and chilled her nerves. The snow drops that splashed over her were holding still. She could feel the cold breeze that waved and cuddled through her body that tingle her veins but she couldn't respond it, as she needed him so badly.

It was not so easy to wait if it was a longing. The one first touch of him would embrace her which would be failed even if thousands of sun rays dashed over her skin. She was not ready to head up until he would place rapid touches on her. She would bloom at his very first sight and the drops over her would dry and vaporize by his hot, deep, passionate kiss and would roll down along her sweat. She couldn't resist the thought of him giving her pain just by a bite.

Oh Yeah! He came wandering. She felt the rushing heat. He was nearing and the chillness over her was already drying up. He came closer to her and she blushed. She could feel the spark as he was about to touch her and before she could react, his lips touched hers. The shyness was all over her and she slowly headed up. He made a little bite which was a pleasure for her and he kissed her hard. She melted slowly. Leaving her mesmerized, he stole her honey!!

And Then They Met! The Flower And The Bee.


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  2. Very nice one.....
    Appuzz I read a similar one from Vairamuthu sir citing similar rmnc but ended wit a footnote as a mother's expectation from her child...


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