The last night was my first experience of natural beauty

The twilight laid down as the car accelerated its speed through the hills. There were hardly few vehicles to be spotted. The coolness took its place. The glass of the car rolled down and the cool breeze waved through the body. It touched the face and blossomed the heart. The dam water made a crystal reflection of the sky. The slopes had a bed of green tea leaves with trees standing in-between them. Small streams of water were falling like diamonds scattering through the rocks. It looked as a fantasy theme and the beauty of nature wondered. As the evening turned night, the way went dark. The beautiful full moon was drenching. Mist covered the path. The beam from the head light of the car pierced through the mist. The chillness went streak into the ears and was cleared by the soothing melody. The heart went light as the melodious song filled the soul. It made to feel complete.  The car turned smoothly accompanying the situation and the air was filled with a unsaid feel. The dew drops in the grass along side the road glittered by the beam light. We don't always need someone to make the situation romantic. I was lost in dark. Just want to fly up in hissing air. Just living the present no worries about the last day and no expectations for the next day.


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