Find the reasons to smile when we are not

Smile. It is a simple medicine which gives us strength to face the difficult phase of our life. It's not everyone can make others smile and those who can are real gems. Its not necessary that everyone who makes others smile is also happy. But it is a smile which gives us a positive energy. It's an simplest action u give which turns into a priceless gift. It's not that it gives you a solution to every problem but it's that every problem faced with a smile is made simple and cool. Costless smile priceless value. It's the confidence for a friend. A promise of life for love. And especially girls you dont need makeup or jewelry to look beautiful just put that prettiest smile spread your lips a little and its done because the most precious jewelry you own is your own smile. It's an symbol of happiness. It's a healer, lover, carer, supporter all rolled in one. It's said that the shortest distance between two people is smile. Make someone smile whenever you can. Because you don't know how much you make a difference in their life at that moment. Smile because life is too short to cry for. It's an action of love. So friends keep smiling and make others smile as I say life is too short...


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