#home - 2021 Malayalam Movie - Review

It has been super long since I wanted to write and share something on my blog post. As an excuse, I could blame my work as always, but as a real reason, it was two things: one, I was lazy, and two, even during those times I felt like actually writing, I doubted if it will come out good. But what made me break all these obstacles and type out this post is that I watched a movie and couldn’t help myself from sharing how I felt and the impact of the movie. Honestly, though the movie can also be considered for having a plot that would get writers inspired, what made me write is the movie itself, I mean, how good the movie was, that I didn’t want to find any reason not to share the review and make you watch it. 

So, what movie am I talking about?

It is #HOME. Yep, not the old ones. It is a #recentlyreleased #2021malayalammovie #home, starring #Indrans, #SreenathBhasi, #Vijaybabu, and many more. 

You should be already wondering what is that good about the movie, right? I will tell you that. 

The basic plotline runs like this: A director, whose first movie got super-hit, struggles to write the climax of his second movie. And the struggle is real, as he has been trying for almost 2 years now and he has stuck with a deadline and a threatening failure afterward if he doesn’t finish it on time. In my language, writer’s block. The producer, who has given the deadline, also suggests that he could better go to the place where he wrote the first script and maybe be inspired again and complete this new script on time. And guess what’s the place? Yes, it is his #home. The real movie starts from there. 

It is where he understands so many things. But what the movie teaches the writer and the audience itself is about the #addiction we have to our #smartphone. You won’t be able to grasp that from the beginning, but the plot unfolds in its own time, teaching that truth only in the end. 

Oh hey, hold on. It is not just about one theme, it doesn’t just say about #mobilephone addiction. 

Of course, the movie has so many things happening in it. The main plot, saying about the struggles of the writer, the small issues he faces with his girlfriend, his family, finances, the pressure he gets to deal with the dispute with a hero, yeah the movie has got its own spices to charm. But, what charmed me more is the father character. Father of the writer, the role was just brilliant. #Indrans has done mind-blowing work. Credits to the script, the dialogues, the plot, and his acting. Just nailed it. 

It is a three-generation family, with the writer (our protagonist), his father, and his grandfather. The focus is on the bonding of the father with the sons. Or should I say, the focus is on just the father, trying to blend, to learn? Oh, man!! I don’t know. Anyways, we also have a mother and younger brother characters who play equally good roles. Mom is a caring one, does all households even though she complaints a little, and the brother is a YouTuber. And the grandfather character is something interesting. 

Now, lemme share what I loved about the movie and what I saw in the movie, that stood out from all the other themes. It is not the mobile addiction, it is not the father-son bondings or not the writer’s struggle, but it is about the father itself. Not getting it? Ok, let me put it in detail:

Imagine, your father buying a new mobile and trying to learn about social media apps, how to use the smartphone, and all? He would have come to you to learn and of course, we would have mocked him for not doing it properly. At least, once, haven’t we? We just laugh and brush it off the next moment, thinking he would have also done the same way. But what if that’s not what happened? What if that has hurt your dad? And the worse thing, you don’t even know you have hurt him? We seem to be always busy and occupied with our own work, that we either try to ignore his doubts or find it too irritating to teach him sometimes. This movie is a pack of all of these hidden emotions. The hidden emotions of dad!! It is brought to light in an emotional way that will connect with our hearts instantly. 

A dad, a realistic guy, who feels ignored, who is seen as inferior one at times,  who wanna be smart with the technologies so that his sons might consider him, who wonders if his son would admire him just the way he does hi future father-in-law, a dad who loves his family so much and does a lot of stuff for them without being said and hiding and burying all of his real emotions and puts a simple smile, is what I saw and that is what moved me and made me write this blog. 

No, it is not some super drama movie with sadness-filled scenes that will say about the theme I talked about. Rather, it shows scenes that are in the reality: the casual, simple, daily routine that happens in our lives, which will make you feel the essence of what I have told you. 

There were a lot of good movies that were released at this time, and frankly, I haven't watched many movies, but this one, connected with me so much and I really hope you watch and enjoy it. I would be happy to hear from you. 

P.S. I am not a movie critic, might not have seen the elements and theme properly, but this is just a post where a normal girl who enjoyed the movie has shared what she felt after watching it. 

It is a great #familymovie and a #feelgoodmovie
to enjoy your weekend. 

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