Review Time - I shaved half of my Daddy's face by Mark Bacera

How many of you enjoy reading children's books? Oh, I love it so much. It is not just because they have illustrations, they are cute or whatever. Because it also says morals, the morals that have been taught to us when we were children and something that we have forgotten with time and something that we need now. Don't you think so?

‘I shaved half of Daddy’s face: A story about a father’s love for a daughter’ by Mark Bacera is a realistic fictional example that intrigues every child reader. Mark Bacera is a gaiety person moreover being an adventurer in his life. In all his work he unveils those concealed true wondrous of life.

The meat of this book depicts the profound love of a parent to their child. This tale is kick-started by an easy-peasy query of a child to his father about ‘what does a half mean?’ When once heard this is just a piece of piss to solve but once we ponder deeply into it, this lucid inquiry decodes many mysterious values in a parent-child relationship. A mere outlook does not divulge a person’s real character, but most of us even if we are fully-fledged are benighted of such reality.  Thus at a certain moment, a simple word of a child makes a remarkable milestone in our life.

The pictorial demonstration of the whole story marks as a special prezzle for the readers. Besides, it takes us a ride into the flamboyant life of a crazy tot. I highly recommend this book to all those readers who love a virtuous tale. This storyline is a perfect parable for children. 




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