Review time - We've let her know: that you are interested by Etienne Bijnens

We've let her know: that you are interested
by Etienne Bijnens 

Hello peeps, how are you all doing?
I know, it's been super long since I dropped in and written anything at all. Life kept me super busy and a little away from books too. Agh, and I hated that. But anyway, I am back on track. And guess what, back with a book review! Yayy!! 

So what do we have today? 
I wouldn't exactly portray it as a love/romantic story, because it is away from fantasy and into reality. Talks about the messed-up love life, which most of us could relate to easily. 

Does the title go well with the story?
Remember using those dating apps, swiping right and left, sending winks, and liking the profile. Yeah?
And here, our protagonist Lyam's app gives a pop-up notification that says, We've let her know that you are interested. There comes the title and with that starts the story and journey of Lyam's love life. 

About the plot? 
Not too complicated, just the life of Lyam. 
I initially thought this book is going to be some usual Romantic story, with a guy falling head-over-heels in love with a girl and story picks from there, then dramas, fights... Nope! That's a fantasy and this book is a reality. It says how much a guy is confused about falling in love, hunting for 'the one'. Many of us can relate to the story since we are at some point get confused about if we should just settle in or go and find the partner, even after we find someone we are more confused about sticking with her or not; if she is the one or not! Moreover, this book is from a guy's perspective, showing his ways of choosing a girl, and how his thinking works!

What more do I have to say?
I thought it would go too slow for me when I read the first chapter, but when he ended the girl worrying if the butt was big (you will know when you read!), the story got me there! It took up pace from there. I could feel the psychological thoughts of a guy. We usually think girls are complicated, but when it comes to choosing love of the life, everyone has to take the complicated decision. Well narrated plot.

Choose this book to dust away from the Sunday! 
Happy weekend!!
Catch you soon!


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