Review Time - The Blue Moon Day by Santhosh Sivaraj

The Blue Moon Day
                   - Santhosh Sivaraj

This is how a good book should be for a reader. I am totally running out of words to elucidate my emotions. This book simply throws the naked truths of life straight on your face, making it unbelievable for you to fathom.

‘The Blue Moon Day’ by Santhosh Sivaraj is a collection of five inspiring stories, stuffed with emotions, heartbreaks, success, failure, love, sorrow, friendship and more than everything, the truth. Each story is distinct and unique in its own way, but then, what we have to remember is through the surface of the stories vary, when you go to the depth, then stories will have the same base – dealing with the reality of life.

The stories start in a different angle taking a sharp turn towards the end and climaxes with realization and understanding. From my observation, the cover picture beautifully portrays the theme of shaping one’s life. 

To put into simple words, the reality put into the tales will enlighten you mind, leaving your heart heavy. A must read and recommendable book.  


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