Review Time - College Days by Devayu

College Days
     - Devayu

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work”
                                                                                                                                      - Colin Powell

This is one necessary message which I have felt been deeply buried in the pages of this story, although the book is filled with the fun and excitement of the college days, the friendship and sets its main course on love.

The story centres the character Neil. The plot unfurls in a planned manner. The first half of the story covers the life of the protagonist, Neil, who lives a carefree life of his college days, having fun with his friends, falling for a girl, a flashback, bitter past and so. Whereas the second part takes a sharp turn which will truly inspire. Neil learns his mistakes by the harshness of his girl, as he finds the truth in it. The tale of course ends in a happy note, as the prologue says it all.

The trio friendship, the love-triangle forms the bridge while the humours spread in the first half and the truth of life being rooted in the second part, this book is something ‘Inspirational’.

The best part about the story which I admire is, the author hasn’t started the tale just like the other contemporary authors: the protagonist passing his board exams, joining engineering, hostel life, ragging, friendship, love at fist sight bla! Instead, the author has picked the part of the college life which actually matters and that has scored the credits in this story. He actually yearns and search for his love in this tale unlike making love in the other tales.

The plot holds fun, friendship, love, pain, failures, hard work, success and everything that will make a novel interesting and more relatable.  With a lucid language and modest narration, this book will surely entertain the readers.


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