Review Time - Trust Me Not by Ankita Verma Datta

Trust Me Not
Ankita Verma Datta

“Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown” – Shakespeare

The want of power can turn any man upside down. He may reach the height pf the sky. But one wrong step and he will hit the ground, hard. Yet, guilt is the only thing that will accompany him throughout the journey.

The novel ‘Trust Me Not’ by Ankita Verma Datta has such a plot, dealing with ‘Politics & Power’ as its genre and with the touch of a fierce love, this book is all a reader wants.

To pull out the plot in simple words:
It’s about a war, that happens between a political top hand and a business fat cat. In this war, knowingly or unknowingly, Reeva – the protagonist of the novel, is trapped when she falls head over heels for Kunaal, an enigmatic billionaire (as referred). Each time when Reeva strives to understand about Kunaal and to unravel the background of the job she is doing for and against, she is lost.

This, from my point of view, symbolises the cover picture if the book – Reeva getting lost in the dark ugly path; she is either trying to run away and hide or finding a way out, but whichever, she is lost. The title and the style in which it is represented may point out how Reeva seeks to be certain of something clearly but how it fades away gradually. Kunaal, embodies this characterization.

With the introduction of the character Nandita, a social worker, the circumstance around Reeva gets more byzantine. Reeva concentrates on loosening the threads around her friend to save her but actually failing to notice the web that has formed behind her, eventually. When she finally realizes everything, she is nothing but lost!!

The character justification is remarkable, with each character holding its importance. Half the characters thrive for power, while the other half help them the way out.

‘Brilliant’ is the one word I can crop up after reading this work. The hard-work of the author shadows in the quick-witted plot, which is evident through the outcome of such an eminent work.


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