Review Time - Adventures of Dollar Right by Vignesh S.V.

Adventures of Dollar Right
-         Vignesh S.V.

The story opens with the announcement of Mr. Travil Savaor, FBI President, about the selection of Dollar Right, Bash and Repy for SFI. Specialized Investigation Force (SFI) is a newly organized force set by FBI. FBI has become useless and a puppet organization by the traitors. This team consists of three members who will do the future projects for the FBI.

With Right, Bash and Repy forming the team, they start to work for SFI. Their only motive is to find and destroy William Twin, the worst criminal in the world. For him, money doesn’t matter; he wants to rule the world with his own rules. His only target is to bring the US Govt. under his empire and to command the citizens to do whatever he wants. He has five assistants, who plans and executes things ordered by Twin.

Succeeding their first assignment against William Twin’s smugglers, Right and his friends become popular. They enjoy doing their job, helping and serving the world. But soon, their enjoyment fades as something terrible happens, indeed well planned by Twin.

Dollar Right gets cornered for a crime which he didn’t commit. Repy and Bash, who were once his best friends and more than life, have now turned against him. The situation made them to believe that Right has murdered Repy’s father. Everything is just because of misunderstandings.

“Misunderstanding is the most terrible evil spirit. It makes the person who experiences it to hate himself. It separates his body and soul” – Quoted from book

Right is prisoned with no one to help him, meanwhile Repy and Bash unfortunately fall into the trap set by William Twin. Right nearly faces the death but like an angel from the heaven, Myl, a young beautiful lawyer from India, comes to save him at the right time. This is the time when Right has been missing the presence of his best friends. With Myl’s entry into his life, he feels good. Myl gives her unconditioned love and helps him in every step from then.

Right’s adventures start from there, in finding the two friends and the third person by solving the riddles and destroying William Twin and his team.

 The search for adventure has never drained in the minds of the readers. One such book which will likely quench their thirst is “Adventures of Dollar Right” by Vignesh S.V. The author has used the genre with full enthusiasm, which is reflected through his words. The plot is narrated so well and makes the reader to fall for the story at once. Creativity and uniqueness in it will surely grab you into the adventure.



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