Review Time - Adhira by Aditti Gaur

Love: Lost and Found
-     Aditti Gaur

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… it has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival. – C. S. Lewis

Yeah, such a friend is Adhira, the protagonist of the novel. We may have so many friends with different goodness holding individually, while Adhira is all togetherness of the humble things when it comes for her dear ones. This can be seen at the very opening scene, where Adhira helps Nikhil, the one who has cheated on her in the name of love, that shall be seen later as the story passes. We are introduced to so many characters and most important of them are Riddhi, Siddharth, Abhimanyu, Shekhar, Varun. The rest of the characters do also play equal role, subsequently. It may be confusing to get to know about all the characters still with the turning pages we can live and rejoice the beautifulness hidden in the story.

Adhira has grown and shared a strong bond with each of them in person and everyone admires her a lot. Riddhi and Siddharth, informs Adhira about their wish to get married which quite baffles her. They want to get married soon but a simple one, just their friends to accompany at Manali. Adhira is so happy to hear that as both Riddhi and Siddharth are the best ones for her. As they connect their friends to say this news, Abhimanyu do also gets in the line. Abhimanyu is the brother of Siddharth, a doctor, and once a best and closest dear one of Adhira. They both have been more like a brother and sister but due to a misunderstanding, they have parted their ways and it has been five years. They are now re-joined with this wedding thread.

When everything is about to start right, Adhira gets a dreadful news, about the confirmation of her disease. It gives her a period of 7 months, the life span left with her. She is completely bewildered but she accepts the truth. she also seems not to agree for the operation. She even fight backs her tears as she wants to spread happiness around her. She hides her disease from most of them around her.

The wedding plans and celebrations goes on with full zeal. The festive mode can be enjoyed thoroughly by the words chosen to explain. It’s only a group of friends who are making up the wedding plan and therefore we shall hold a smile while reading, as it is filled with giggles, chats, emotions and much more love.Shekhar, being a rock star and popular fellow, has fallen for Adhira, who not!! But since she is married to Varun, both of them keep their distance just showing a good friendship. Adhira misses Varun much. She has started to wait for days with the same love, which then rolled to months and folded to years. She feels that something has completely changed with Varun, yet she believed him. With Shekhar, he cares for Adhira in each and every step of her and the magical and mystical spell between them can be visualized by Riddhi.

The wedding plans go as per their wishes and just a few days left for the wedding, there comes an unexpected change. Varun comes to Manali, with something, that completely changes the life of Adhira. Her hope to live, her happiness to be felt everything seems to be washed up like memories. It completely breaks her down which has failed even by her disease. Her life takes an upright turn from there, and also the marriage ceremony of Riddhi and Siddharth goes well as planned.

What has Varun done to Adhira? Does the girl who has spread so much happiness around her, find a happiness for herself? Do Adhira agree for the treatment to prolong her life-time? Does she find the love of her life, a meaning to live then??

To unleash the questions, do read the lovely tale, ADHIRA written by ADITTI GAUR.

The author Aditti Gaur has penned down the tale so lively and full of life. The ecstatic feel during the wedding celebrations even thrills us. The hidden chirps of love, chills us when untied. The reader can enjoy the blissfulness form the cover page of the story till the end of the tale.

ADHIRA – Best choice of trueness by dear ones.

Keep writing ADITTI GAUR. 


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