In Love and Free - Jagdish Joghee _ Review Time

In love and Free
The tale of a woman caught between two men…

     The very line of the subtitle may toss a hint on the story. But the warmth can be felt only as you breathe within the lines and inhale the words. Something more than a tale it is…
     Shruthi Nair, coming from a well reputed family, enjoys a luxurious and a successful life. Having never experienced the rhythm of love before, she falls for Madhan Ponnappa Pemmaiah for the first time in 20 years. Madhan, as being genuine and resembling the character of her father, it doesn’t take much time for Shruthi to go crazy on him. While in turn Madhan goes to his knees by the gorgeous and charm of Shruthi. Their love chapter flips over and soon pauses with the argument of marriage arouse by both the family. Love is never alone as it’s accompanied by war. Same happens here, as both the families protest the love. But being more adamant, the love wins and they gets married, with which the tale widens up.

     The life after marriage is crammed with love and care and Shruthi relishes each second of her being. Blessed with two cute kids, her life revolves around happiness. She plays the role of a loving wide, a caring mother and a helpful mother-in-law, getting pleasure from everything around her. 

     As Madhan has to take up the business of his dad, considering his fading health condition, they get settled in Bangalore. Life of Shruthi is more than comfortable with her family, their friendship with Rahul and Meera and her Zumba classes. The friendship between the two families gets closer and gets mingled with each other in no time. Rahul also starts to accompany Shruthi at most times being a good friend. 

     The period of two years is perfect and she thanks God for the contentment that he has stuffed in her life. Everything seems just right until the day of Diwali comes… a storm hits her and the direction of her life twirls…

     Rahul propose her planting a kiss and says that he loves her since their first meet and this day he cannot hold his feelings. The pinch of guilt gulps her up and she starts to avoid him. But it doesn’t take much time for Shruthi to melt for his love coated words.  Still an unknown feeling keeps her away from bestow herself completely to him. She believes that it’s not only about having sex, but she believes she loves him and for which she starts to justify all her actions. But a planned trip to Sri Lanka with both their families gives them a chance to take the step. Little does she know about the evilness that lies behind the tenderness of Rahul. 

     Only after this, she finds the true shade of Rahul and also his plans. Through Meera she also gets to know their pas life and the affair between Rahul and Deepa. Broken is not only Meera but also Shruthi. It’s not just affair that has grown but also love. The guilt of loving Rahul leaving Madhan and being with hiving her family affects her much. When Rahul sends certain photographs of him being with Shruthi in outdoors, shatters Madhan and he leaves asking her to go away. Shruthi comes under the arms of his dad and she knows that Rahul has been doing this for money. She believes that her love for Madhan is true and also she realizes she can never exist without her family. She decides to wait for Madhan to forgive her and she is in need of redemption. But once when Rahul sends her the video clipping of her making out with him, she badly wants to end up everything. She doesn’t want hr family to take the shame in her name and that’s the thing that makes her to jump out through the window from the tall building. 

     Will Shruthi survive? Will she get with her family? Does the love, for her family fights make her to against the death?

     To know all this, read out ‘In Love and Free’ by Jagdish Joghee.

     Jagdish, being a man, narrating the life of woman and dealing with her life, is so startling. The words that he blends to knit the emotions make you to fall for the book. The shade of true life glides in the tale and for which it is not just a tale. The warmness and loveliness is bond together all through the story and it reaches the heart. I wish him all the very best to write more stories and to reach more hearts.



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