A Temporary Boyfriend - Dev Ashis Sahoo - Review Time

The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth - William Shakespeare

     The story opens with a flashback of Dev, the lead of the novel, where we immerse in the pain of love felt by Dev. Dev’s love faces a void and ends in break-up. Being a true love, Dev cannot accept the pain. He realizes that it’s his mistake for whatever happened and with the hope of getting his love, Maanya, back into his life, he visits Bangalore after a year of his break-up.

     Leaving his fear back, Dev makes up his mind to meet Maanya. But he completely gets struck to see Maanya, the girl whom he loved dearly, for whom he is in pain, whom he wants back in his life, is now a completely changed one. He shatters when she herself says that the Maanya who loved Dev is already dead. He is bewildered by the anger and the attitude of his completely changed angel.

     Dev finds that there is no warm left in Maanya’s eyes, no sweet in her voice and no love left in her heart. Moreover Maanya is not his girl anymore. But he believes his heart and insists Maanya to agree for a deal in order to get away from him in future. Dev is left with no other choice to get back Maanya in his life for which he brings up the deal. Dev neither want Maanya to hate him more nor him to hurt her.

     It’s a deal of ten minutes each day for the next ten days that Maanya should spend time with Dev. He will say a story each day which she should listen devotedly swearing to imagine the story is between Dev and Maanya themselves. He also promises that he will never strike her eyes ever after those ten days, if Maanya goes with the deal. 

     Maanya accepts and with that Dev starts to say heart melting love stories. Each story touches not only the heart but reaches the soul. Dev hits with a positive feel that he will live happy with Maanya again. He also notices how Maanya gets involved in each story, moving and slowly living into it. But life plays its own dice. Dev gets completely broken when he comes to know about Max, the man whom Maanya is going to marry soon.

     Did Dev succeed in telling all the ten stories? What did Max do when he comes to know about Maanya’s love? How did Maanya react for the final story? Did Dev win Maanya’s love again?

     To get answers for this and about Dev’s complete love life, just delve into the book.

     It is once again proved that ‘Love stories have special bond with reader’s heart than mind’. The author has written so deliberately that the pain and the melancholy tone stir the emotions and makes the eyes wet. One could completely drain into the book, as the ten different stories inside the book evoke each of the nerves. A heart drenching love tale, with soul-nourishing stories pinned into it.

     Keep writing Dev Ashis Sahoo! All the Best!!


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