Because, She Is A Woman

     “Wooh” She exclaimed. “What happened? Did he kick you again?” Ashok eagerly placed his hand on her stomach. Within a flash he could feel the movement.
     “My goodness. He is going to be total naughty. You will suffer handling him” Ashok jumped in joy.
     Radhika was pregnant and her delivery date was within 3 days. Radhika and Ashok probably guessed that to be a boy and Ashok selfishly wished so as he would hand over his business in future. He cared his wife so much and showered a lot of love which made Radhika to feel complete. She was totally enjoying her life with full of happiness and love under the roof of his care. Though Ashok was busy at certain point, he personally made some time to spend with his wife. That too, this was the last month and he needed her to be more careful than ever. Radhika felt completely protected in his arms. And now, she is going to be a mom. No heavenly things could be compared to the happiness of a mom carrying a baby in her womb.
     It was after two days she gave birth to a baby boy. He was too cute and tiny. She did not worry about her pain when he came to the world, but only the happiness. She had tears out of motherly proud. Now she is a mother. Radhika cherished each moment of her motherhood. She spent her time only with him from day to dawn. She protected him completely. When he gave her first smile she felt complete in her heart. And the word ‘mom’ came out from his mouth in a jumbled way, her heart bounced in joy. She gave up her sleep and rest to make him up. She comforted him so much.
      Ashok too was melted in joy. They both saw him grow up in their eyes and made each possible stuff that would make him happy. They named him Sid. Meanwhile Radhika found Ashok getting too stubborn for stupid things. He started to blame her for every mistake and complained her for his mistakes too. She started to fight with him as she did not want her to be blamed for everything what she have never done. But soon she realized that making conversation with him was of no use. She then cared less and soon completely ignored it. Also she did not want Sid to get spoiled or depressed seeing them both fighting. She started to concentrate only on Sid’s happiness. But soon the worldly pleasures of his dad made him to ignore her motherly care.  He started to adopt his dad’s character and ignored her mom. He totally thought his mom knows nothing and of no use. He always went around his dad who was his only hero. He acted like him; he totally espoused his dad’s character. Also he started to talk like his dad towards mom. He never cared to respect her, as his father did not give. He never wanted to care for her, as his father did not to. He never tried to console her, as his father never wanted to. But he started to blame her, just because his dad did so.
     Radhika, was totally hurt. They never tried to respect her and she was afraid that how they would respect other woman in the society. Also she never expected this would happen which pinned her heart but then she soon started to accept it. She did not want Sid to hate her but  was happy at a point as he at least loved his father. She never tried to speak with neither of them, as she was afraid that she would lose their relationship too.  Her braveness and charm got folded inside her and soon vanished completely.
     Years rolled on…
     “Mom… did you see my tie?” Sid screamed from his bedroom.
     “It's on your bed. And socks under that I believe” replied Radhika from kitchen, still busy in packing lunch.
     “Radhika, where did you keep my file? It’s very important and I couldn’t spot it anywhere” yelled Ashok from hall.
     “Don’t you remember? It’s you who asked me to keep in...” but before she could complete Ashok interrupted.
     “Just stop this nonsense. Say where the hell you have kept the file” Ashok, who had already lost his temper, did not want her to make a chance to blame him.
     “In your cupboard” Radhika replied silently and engaged in her packing work without making further conversation.
     “Mom, where is my physics book?” now again, it was Sid’s turn. Radhika was in no mood to reply. She came by herself and found the book in dining table. Before she could hand over, Sid, who did not notice her, shouted again.
    “Mom! What’s wrong with you? You are fit for nothing. Just being inside the kitchen and handling vegetables in random is all you know to do. Now just come out of that damn and help me finding my book”. He almost had turned his room upside down. When he saw his mom stood there with the book, he did not say anything but threw an angry look.
    “Did you even forgot to open your mouth?” he asked. Radhika just gave a smile and the lunch boxes. Meanwhile horn of car by his dad alarmed him. He checked the time and found it was 8.45A.M. “Shit” he ran out without saying her anything. Radhika came to the doorstep and saw the car crossing the gate.
     Radhika felt being in a war field and throwing words as weapons against the soldiers. She was not really capable to handle these stuffs of her routine. But as a mom and wife, she had to accept everything, probably for which she got practiced, without uttering a word and nothing more she could do. While thinking about her life, her phone rang and brought her to the reality. It was her uncle. She sensed the nervousness in his tone. When he said that her mother was ill the nervousness shifted to her. Whatever the situation may be, your mother is always your everything. Without delaying she packed her dresses and left the house. She tried calling Ashok to say about her departure, but as usual he ignored her calls, so she said the watchman to inform and left to her native.
     “Mom... bring me some water... I am hell tired” Sid threw his bag in floor and sat on the sofa. He entered the room and saw everything remained the same as he left in the morning. He also noticed that water was still not brought to him.
    “Mom… where are you? Your only work left is to do some work inside the house and nowadays you forget these too” he started to blame as usual but there was no response from the other side. Now he felt the seriousness. He went searching all around the home and found her nowhere. He also tried calling her but it was out of reach.
    “Now what is this? Where did she leave without informing anyone?” he thought himself. Meanwhile the watchman rushed to him and said everything.
     “Uff!!!” though he was out of her noise, he did not want her to be away from him. He couldn’t handle anything on his own which he found only that day. He went by himself to the kitchen, brought water for him, and made some eatable, actually tried from which he burnt his hand. ‘How did she handle these stuffs?’ Sid wondered about his mom but his hand was paining. He even did not know where the medicines were kept. He badly needed her mom to take care of him and be next to him. Before he could get an ointment his dad called him.
    “Sid, I immediately want you to take the proposal file of LIT Company to my office right now. Ask your mom to give everything related to it. Come soon its really urgent” he said stiffly.
     “But dad, mom is…” the call was ended already.
     Now where he was going to search for the documents? Sid really had no idea. He just grabbed whatever he could spot in the cupboard and rushed to the office. He was sent to the conference hall. Ashok proudly introduced his son to all the clients and asked him to show the documents. But everything went off of Ashok’s plan. The file was messed up with so many documents and originally it was not really what he said. His client was annoyed by them. They canceled their proposal and left the office.
     “What the hell have you done Sid? We have almost lost 300 lakhs. Don’t you have any responsibility? And where is your stupid mom? Doesn’t she have any sense to arrange…?” Sid interrupted him for the first time.
     “She is not in home” Sid replied in silence.
     “That stupid b*****” Ashok lost his temper totally.
     “Dare not utter a word about her dad. Am not really that sweet to leave someone who says badly about MY MOM” Sid said in a firm voice and left the room.
     That night, Ashok tried to convince Sid. He brought dinner from the hotel and they both sat to eat. There were none to serve them but only themselves. The food was not tasty. Ashok couldn’t eat really. But he ate without regrets and complaints. For the first time of the 19 years he felt defeated and guilty for his behavior.
     2 days later…
     Radhika opened the door with nervousness. She could not call her family as she did not get network. Also she was worried about them. She did not know how they managed to be on their own. But as soon as she entered the hall Sid came running to her and hugged her tightly...
     Radhika couldn’t believe. She was totally struck by his behavior. She saw Ashok coming to her. He handed her a card which looked like a greeting. She opened the card and saw
     He hugged her and Sid, “LOVE YOU RADHIKA”
     Radhika did not know what had happened when she was away. But she felt satisfied and hugged them back.


  1. Wooow your writing
    Amazing yar and the way u narrate its awsum

  2. Wooow your writing
    Amazing yar and the way u narrate its awsum

  3. awsomee!!!! is all I can tell now.. UA way of narration is like smthin which makes sense at the very first read...naileddd it frnd!!! keep it up!!!!

  4. Superbe talent..congrats& keep on the good works.

  5. Good way to show respect for women...

  6. Good way to show respect for women...


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